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Parent/Adolescent Mediation
Strong Families

Today's stressful and challenging pressures can strain relationships and sometimes cause friction between family members. Mediation can help families develop the problem-solving skills so they can better navigate difficult times and strengthen the family bond.

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Victim/Offender Dialogue
Restorative Justice

The victims of criminal offenses are often overlooked during legal proceedings. Victim/Offender Dialogue facilitated by a trained and certified mediator in a safe setting can be a pathway to healing and restorative justice. It's an opportunity for all parties to hear from each other the reasons and impact of the action.

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Neighborhood Conflict Mediation
Strong Neighborhoods

Whether it is conflict between neighbors or neighborhoods, mediation can be a good tool to help all develop skills that build positive relationships and strengthen neighborhood bonds.

Team Meeting

Landlord/Tenant Mediation

It is sometimes difficult for landlords and tenants to see eye to eye or to connect in a positive manner.


Mediation can be a great tool to help both parties hear each other's concerns and develop an agreement that meets the needs of the moment.

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We provide training in the form of neighborhood accountability boards, conflict resolution and restorative practices for communities, schools, businesses, and government agencies. We also are approved by the Kansas Supreme Court to provide Practicums for mediators.


We can work with you to develop a training program that meets your specific needs.

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Justice Scale

Court Ordered Mediation

We provide mediation services that will meet the requirements of a Court Ordered Mediation.


Whether it is small claims, infractions of city code, civil disputes, or consumer disagreements we can assist the parties in resolving the conflict.

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