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The following information and links serve as an extra resource to learn about mediation, conflict resolution, and restorative justice.

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Holding Hands

A mediator is there to facilitate communication between parties when there is conflict or barriers to negotiating a resolution, or when there are misconceptions due to the lack of good communication skills.

Mediation can be a tool to heal strained relationships, resolve disagreements about life events and situations, better understand criminal behavior and begin healing from negative acts committed against a person or community.

Mediation can help individuals build better problem-solving skills, and provide resolution or clarity to an issue.

What to expect?

For mediation to work, all parties have to mutually agree to fully participate with an open mind.

While every case is different, your session will always start with a personal one-on-one visit with a certified mediator to discuss your specific situation and concerns.

This is followed by the opportunity to work in a safe space with all parties to hear each others concerns and explanations for how each came to be in the situation. The parties will be given the opportunity to state their needs and work with each other to come to an agreement or resolution.

Depending on the situation, the resulting resolution could occur in one or more sessions.

What situations could benefit from mediation?

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